Thursday, 8 November 2018

Samsung Notches or Folding phones

Samsung Notches or Folding phones New Infinity looks like the display panel without bevels without notches that everyone has been anticipating. It is very likely that the flagship phones of the future will bring this design, while the others will only be presented on mid-range phones. While these reflections are in the realm of speculation, the truth is that the reign of Samsung phones and tablets without screens with notches is in its penumbra. Yesterday, the company also announced its next folding phone when it reaches the point of recovery with the rival Apple. According to Justin Denison, senior vice president of mobile marketing at Samsung, the device can be transformed from a tablet when it is fully opened in a phone when it is closed. Scheduled for series production in the coming months, it will feature the innovative Infinity Flex Display technology, which allows you to open and close this mobile device again and again, without any form of degradation.

The Samsung Galaxy X folding phone was shown at the Samsung Developers Conference at Moscone West in San Francisco on November 7. Although we saw the phone in its folded and unfolded forms, Justin Denison explained on stage "we have disguised some design elements, but trust me, there is a device inside here and it is impressive".

Once again, Samsung refused to give a price when it showed the Galaxy X a little disguised on November 7. But one thing is certain: this is going to be a very expensive gadget. Considering that this is Samsung's first folding phone, it's not likely to be cheap. The current price of the rumor is $ 1,365 or $ 1,775, it is the current exchange rate of 2 million won, which is the Korean price discussed. Given the Galaxy Note 9 to the maximum, it already costs £ 1,099 ($ ​​1,249.99), and only one screen, the next folding smartphone will probably have a high price.

Each smartphone is dominated by its screen, but the Galaxy X especially. What we know is that there will be a screen the size of a phone on the outside of the phone and when you open the phone, you will have access to a second one that is twice the size. When the phone is folded, it will activate the front screen that will function as the typical screen of a smartphone."We've been experiencing a daily reality such that the extent of your screen must be as large as the device itself," said Denison. "Well, we just added a new dimension." The Infinity Flex screen is the basis for tomorrow's smartphone. " I added that the phone can bend "hundreds of thousands of times" without hurting itself, and that the screen, when unfolded, measures 7.3 inches.

How will Galaxy X adapt to users who switch between the screen and the screen and applications will move from one screen to another without problems? That will be fine, Samsung promises. That new task will be in charge of the new Samsung interface called One UI, which was also announced at the event on November 7. "The Infinity Flex display along with One UI offers a new kind of mobile experience that allows users to do things they could not do with a common smartphone," Samsung said in a press release. "Users now have the best of both worlds: a compact smartphone that unfolds to reveal a larger immersive screen for multitasking and viewing content." The application experiences a seamless transition from the smallest screen to the largest screen at as the device develops. "

A user interface will also allow the Samsung Galaxy X to run three applications simultaneously in tablet mode, while the redesigned icons mean that "the rounded corner of our hardware is reflected in our item," as demonstrated by Jee Won Lee, senior fashioner at UX Design ... on Samsung Mobile. Android will also add support for the folding form factor of Infinity Flex Display. It's not surprising, given that there are more collapsible phones on the way from Samsung's rivals. It will test a user interface on the Galaxy S9, S9 + and Note 9 in open beta, which should help solve any errors before the launch of the Galaxy X.

No features were shown in the official debut of Galaxy X in San Francisco, but previously, Samsung's mobile boss, DJ Koh, said the long-awaited folding flagship would offer similar functionality to a tablet when the screen is displayed, while that the folding mechanism would allow The handset will be saved in a portable size and pocket. That also applies to waterproofing: Samsung has dominated it on its other Galaxy phones, but putting it on a folding screen can be tricky. Another thing we hope we will see is wireless charging, since once you've had that, it's hard to come back.

That folding screen could also do wonders in terms of battery life, but we're not sure exactly how many mAh the Samsung Galaxy X will be packing. With a screen still visible when the phone is closed, it should mean less unlocking and a phone than last longer between charges. Reports in Asia suggest that Samsung has been working on a flexible battery to go on a flexible phone, with sizes between 3,000mAh and 6,000mAh. Either one, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus comes with 3,500mAh as a reference.

Samsung  X Specification : Proccesor , Ram, Storage & Camera
With the production underway, the Galaxy X is inclined to use the successor of the Snapdragon 845 to enhance everything. That being said, this is a completely new design, so maybe Samsung will opt for something customized. The question here is whether Samsung will do everything possible to add ringers to its most innovative phone, or if it has decided that screen innovation is enough, and that buyers will be able to live with a more basic version (although still high power) . speculation.

However, if you are charging more than £ 1,000 ($ 1,000) for your smartphone, you would expect it to be going the way of bells and whistles. In terms of RAM, we could see 4GB-6GB installed, and the usual 64GB and 128GB storage options, although 256GB should be a possibility, assuming it can be adjusted. That coincides with the rumors we've heard about the other Samsung phones that will be launched in 2019. One component that could suffer is the camera: it will not be easy to group the technology into a flexible or folding telephone. However, considering that Samsung is one of the best smart phone cameras in the business, we hope you can solve something here.

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